OEM Hammock Services

Solat Hammocks Co., Ltd. As One of the Largest OEM-Quality Outdoor Hammocks Supplier in China. We Can Supply Various Stable OEM-Quality Hammocks, oem Hammock Chairs and oem Hammock Stands for Our Worldwide Hammock Customers.

OEM Capability:

Using the most advanced production technology and methods, we fully meet the requirements of our customers. Buyers' logos and labels are also welcome. Number of Production Lines 25

Size of Factory in Square Meters

Staff Details

Production Staff:
100 to 200

QC Staff:
More than 10

R&D Staff:
More than 20

Years of OEM Experience
8 Years

Design Services Offered

Details of Design Services Offered

Buyer Label Offered

Details of Buyer Label Offered

Monthly Capacity
12,000 to 19,999 Pieces

Monthly Output
12,000 to 19,999 Pieces

Major Markets Served

Our OEM Hammocks Including: Travel Hammocks, Camping Hammocks, Baby Hammock, Combo Hammock, Fabric Hammock, Fabric Hammock Chair, Folding Hammock, Pet Hammock, Quilted Fabric Hammock, Rope Hammock Chair, Wooden Hammock and Hammock Stands(Wicker Stands & Hammock Stands).

Feature OEM Hammocks Pruducts

Baby Hammock

oem Baby Hammocks

More Baby Hammocks

Combo Hammock

OEM Combo Hammocks

More Combo Hammock

Fabric Hammock

Fabric Hammocks (Nylon Material)

More Nylon Fabric Hammock

Fabric Hammock Chair

Fabric Hammock (Cotton Material)

More Cotton Fabric Hammock

Fabric Hammock

Fabric Hammocks (Polyester

More Polyester Fabric Hammock

Fabric Hammock Chairs

More Fabric Hammock Chair

oem Folding Hammocks

More Folding Hammocks

Pet Hammock

OEM Pet Hammocks

More Pet Hammocks

Quilted Fabric Hammock

OEM Quilted Fabric Hammocks

More Quilted Fabric Hammocks

Wooden Hammock

oem Wooden Hammocks

More Wooden Hammocks

Rope Hammock Chair

oem Rope Hammock Chairs

More Rope Hammock Chair

Hammock Stand & Wicker Stand

Hammock Stand & Wicker Stands

More Hammock Stands and Wicker Stands